13 Ocak 2008 Pazar

That's Death!

There's a place you're always welcome
That's as nice as it can be
Everyone can get in
'Cause it's absolutely free!
That's death
No need to take a breath
Just lay around all day
With not a single bill to pay
That's death
No more sicknesses or flu
If you've lived beyond your means
You can die beyond them to
Boo hoo!
Well the greatest and the finest
Have already died
Why not simply join them
On the other side?
That's death
Say farewell to all your bills
Rip up all your wills
And pop your final pills
That's death
It's a date with fate
If you're not feeling great
Then it's the best way to lose weight, mate
Nothing here to hurt you
No one's here to nag
Come die with me
If your life's a drag!
That's death
The wealthy and well-bred
All of them are here
And they're all completely dead
That's death
No more headaches, no more pain
Of the millions who've died
No one came back to complain!
You can't take it with you
You can't keep what you've got
So why not just lay back
And simply rot?
Just simply rot
It's so cool it's hot
That's death!

Composer: Eric Idle
Author: Eric Idle
Singer: Eric Idle
Originally From: Discworld 2 Playstation Game

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